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Mailchimp - from basics to automated & trigger based campaigns 

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This month, due to repeated requests from members, we are running a session Mailchimp. But we thought we would take it one step further and make it a double bill! 

We will cover Mailchimp Basics - starting your first newsletter and the second session, focused on the advanced set up of automated and trigger based campaigns. 



  • This will be about getting you started and giving you some tips and tricks along the way to get the most out of Mailchimp. We will cover: 
  • How to set up your lists in Mailchimp
  • Setting up forms to capture emails
  • The must do’s of email (and a few do not do’s)
  • How to set up and send a campaign

We will do a live walk through so you can see exactly how to do this. 


  • What are automated and trigger based campaigns (examples and ideas to get you started on how to use these to help do more and scale your business and improve your sales funnel)
  • How to a trigger based campaign eg. Welcoming new customers on board and Lead magnet delivery
  • How to automate the process
  • The different triggers you can use to design great sequences to help with your sales funnel.

We'll also do a demo of setting up a sequence for you. 

Venue: Platform 3095, Eltham Train Station
When: 6.45pm for 7pm start, Thursday 15th March, 2018

The evening will start at 6.45pm, for registration, buy yourself a drink, mix and meet with other businesses, make new connections and friends from the Shire, before we get started with our interactive presentations.


Jan Miles, Shaws Road Winery, runs a successful winery business in Arthurs Creek and uses Mailchimp to both foster good relationships with her 'wine club members', as well as using it to 'close the deal' for those that visit the winery. It is an essential business tool for the winery and Jan will show you how to get started.  

Repeat visitor, Kirri Romero & the Online Fix. A digital strategist and over 20 years working online, she has a lot of tricks, tips and tools of the trade to share to help you work out how best to use online for your business. Kirri will not only give you a heap of ideas on how to apply automated campaigns for a more effective sales funnel for your business, she will also walk you through how to set up it in Mailchimp.