If you would like to be a speaker there are a few things we need you to agree to as part of our application. These are:

  1. We are a not for profit organisation. We are focused on connecting our business community and delivering high value to them. We are not in a position to offer any payment to you for your presentation.
  2. We are grateful to all our presenters, but our focus is on professional development and value value value. Presentations must not be self promotional in nature, they must be educational and deliver heaps of value by imparting your specialist knowledge. However, we know that it’s also important that you have a chance to promote your business, so we do allow you to spend a maximum of 5 minutes at the end of your presentation to talk about your services or product. You may also make offers to the membership, such as discounts etc. We have a table for display, which you are also invited to take advantage of for any brochureware or promotional material.
  3. You must be happy to provide your presentation and hand outs (if applicable) one week in advance.
  4. We will promote you and the event heavily to our membership in the weeks leading up to it with a website event page, Facebook posts, event and paid advertising and email. You must also agree to promote the event to your own networks and share and distribute event promotional material.